Book launch, first review, Amazon ranking, & William Shatner: a self-publishing update

October 11th, 2011

It’s a zazzy time over here at Sci-fi Chick Lit Central (AKA the cluttered antique secretary desk from whence I spin my otherworldly yarns):

-On September 11, The Healer reached #8 on Amazon Canada’s science fiction adventure list. To give you an idea of how momentous an accomplishment this was for yours truly, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 was #9 on the list, and my favourite Philip K. Dick tome—Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?—sat at #12. Since then, The Healer has tumbled to a ghastly six-digit number, but I will never forget that epic moment when I edged past Ray Bradbury (and I am happy that I had the wherewithal to snag a screen capture). Let’s work on getting The Healer there again, shall we? (wink, wink).

-Speaking of causes for celebration: the date and venue are now set for my book launch. On October 15, join me at the Eastwood Onley Gallery (2075 Alberta Street, Vancouver) for bubbly libations and appetizers as I sign and read from The Healer. I’ll be selling paperback copies for $15. Quantities are limited, so please RSVP on the Facebook event page to reserve yours. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Incidentally, the launch was delayed by nearly a month due to a series of egregious errors made by iUniverse’s book order department. I’ve been nothing but delighted with iUniverse, but it stands to reason that the one part of the publishing process they’ve outsourced is the one that completely collapsed. Thankfully, after much huffing and puffing on my part, iUniverse was quick to rectify the situation, but the sloppiness in this area left a bad taste in my mouth.

-I’ve received my first review from a completely impartial stranger! Chantale at Geeky Girl Reviews gave The Healer 5/5 stars in her October 7 review. According to Chantale: “I enjoyed every minute of it and didn’t put it down until I was done. The Healer is a very well written book that will keep you hooked until the very end. I highly recommend this book to all of you.” I was biting my nails in anticipation of this first review, and I couldn’t be more chuffed with the outcome. More reviews—from similarly completely impartial strangers located all over the world—to come. Watch this space.

-On October 21, tune in to Geeky Pleasures on The Look 24/7 as I chat with Julia Sherred. I’ve been a fan of Jules’ rad tweets for quite some time, and I’m looking forward to actually speaking with her in person. The conversation kicks off at 7:00pm (PST).

-I’m meeting William Shatner on October 19 (which also happens to be my birthday). The meeting has nothing to do with The Healer and everything to do with the backstage passes my mother purchased for me as a present, but I wanted to post about it here because it’s yet another lifelong dream fulfilled in a year that has seen so many of my dreams come to fruition. The birth of my daughter changed everything for me. There is nothing quite as empowering as bringing new life into the world. I’ve become uncompromising. Life is short. Be happy. Make your dreams come true (and yes, meeting Mr. Shatner, portrayer of James Tiberius Kirk, author of Tek War, Mr. Priceline Negotiator himself, and one of the zazziest Canadians ever) is one of mine. 

-Check back soon for additional reviews, news, interviews, and this website’s very first giveaway. As the days grow shorter and winter beckons, be bold, brave, and—most important of all—zazzy.

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