The long slog.

November 8th, 2011

I’m not a very patient person, but marketing an indie novel requires patience in droves.

The impatient side of my personality craves instant gratification: big royalty cheques; hundreds of adoring reviews; maybe a parade. She can’t understand why we haven’t yet topped the New York Times’ Best Sellers list.

Don’t knock the impatient side: she’s the one who wrote the book in messy, frantic bursts of creativity. But now it’s time for the patient side to step up and get down to the business of cultivating an audience. Luckily, the patient side is pumped about the long slog ahead.

More than two months have passed since I first launched The Healer into the universe, and I continue to dedicate a few minutes each day to “introducing” Ivy and Victor to the world. I try not to be obnoxious about it; I don’t spend my days tweeting out links to my Amazon listing (however tempting that might be). I craft media pitches, run contests, and make an effort to genuinely connect with people who might love my book. These daily efforts are finally paying off: I’ve conducted several illuminating media interviews, received a host of positive reviews, met some incredibly dynamic people, and surpassed my sales goals.

Some highlights from the past month:

-On October 21, I appeared on the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show (GPRS) on The Look 24/7. My conversation with GPRS host Jules Sherred lasted more than two hours. While I’m no stranger to radio interviews, this contained a slew of firsts for me: the first time I rocked a beer on-air; the first time I tossed out a fistful of curse words (ah, the joy of unregulated internet radio!); the first time I discussed my continuing journey in geekdom with the world at large. Jules is so easy to talk to that I truly believe we could have chatted for a couple of hours more. You can find the full interview here.

-A few days later, Jules posted a thorough review of The Healer on her Geeky Pleasures website. Entitled “Sabrina Furminger’s The Healer Will Take You On A Journey Of Self-Discovery And Acceptance,” Jules’ lovely review came as a yummy surprise on a crummy day. An excerpt:  If you have an aversion to blood and violence, at times this book may be difficult to read. The world that Ivy gets thrown into is seedy and dark. It is one where people are forced to kill each other for sport. It is a world that is happening right under our noses as we go about our regular day, oblivious to the horrors that surround us. Despite the violent nature of parts of this story, it is not gratuitous. This tale of violence is told in such a way that it helps to develop the type of person Ivy eventually becomes. They are experiences that help shape and strengthen her character. You can read the full review here.

-I had a fun conversation with the Indie Ninjas team (Shannon and Toni) as part of their self-publishing interview series. Read it here

-Lastly, I’m giving away a prize pack via Xoxo Couture’s 500 Fans Giveaway. Prize pack includes: a signed paperback copy of The Healer, as well as a ceramic tile coaster, necklace, and magnet featuring the dazzling cover artwork by celebrated art photographer Peter Eastwood. Details here.

Ivy and Victor are like family. I spent two years hammering out their tumultuous tale. Every time someone reads The Healer, the more real they become. I’m doing all this work for them.

Maybe one day we’ll even rock a beer together. (A sci-fi writer can dream, can’t she? Nay, not only can she, but she must: it’s a pre-requisite).

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