The Interviewer’s Chair.

December 3rd, 2012

I’m now writing regularly for WE  (AKA The Westender), a popular weekly newspaper serving the Greater Vancouver area.

Here’s a sampling of my recent articles:

Actor brings primetime edge to daytime drama (October 17, 2012)

Kitsilano: Vancouver’s playground (October 31, 2012)

Gifts for Kids (December 5, 2012)

I’ve got a few more articles scheduled to run in December, and several more in the works for January and beyond. Although I’m tackling a wide array of topics for WE, I seem to be writing a lot about television. I’m glad to see that all of my years of (ahem) “research” and “practice” (sitting on my arse in front the television) are finally paying off.

It’s actually been a busy couple of months for yours truly. After many years as an arts publicist, I’m moving away from publicity work and back into freelance journalism. I love it. Freelance writing suits my current lifestyle (a stay-at-home mom who pursues her career during naps and late into the night) far better than publicity work; I can’t even count the number of instances in the last year where I’ve been on the phone with a media contact and my toddler has erupted into full-blown toddler tantrum mode right at my feet. Zoinks.

So I’m still juggling family and career, but in a far more manageable way, and it’s been wonderful to slide back into the interviewer’s chair and delve into other people’s histories, achievements, challenges, and dreams. It’s an extremely satisfying form of storytelling — although I admit that, between all of the toddler meltdowns, television “research,” interviews, transcribing, and writing to deadline, I haven’t written any fiction; I must correct that come the new year.

Watch this space for links to upcoming articles in WE, as well as in Canadian Immigrant Magazine and Dayspa Magazine.

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