WE cover story: Amanda Tapping (‘Sanctuary’/’Stargate SG-1’)

January 24th, 2013

My interview with Amanda Tapping is finally online (and, for the next week at least, available via WE newspaper boxes across the Lower Mainland).

I interviewed Amanda earlier this month in the lobby lounge of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. I’d expected the interview to last about an hour but we ended up chatting for more than two. We touched on everything under the sun: her career; her co-stars; her family; her fears; her femininity; her aspirations; her fans. Along the way, we laughed and cried and split a plate of Angus sliders.

I had a helluva time deciding what to include in the article. Would that I could post all 16,000 words!

I can’t rave enough about Amanda. She’s the real deal. She’s everything positive you might have heard about her: disarming, charming, funny, beautiful, kind, brilliant, and gracious.

The article is entitled Tapping into grace (‘grace’ being Amanda’s favourite word; truthfully, she is the epitome of grace). I also wrote a second article (Character building with actress Amanda Tapping) wherein Amanda reflects on the characters that propelled her to icon status.

For more about Amanda’s charity, Sanctuary for Kids, click here.


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