That time I appeared on Fiona Forbes’ talk show

August 17th, 2015

Happy summer, friends! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the balmy days and (especially if you live in Vancouver) are managing to keep cool despite the water restrictions and hot temperatures.

I think the heat has affected my brain, because something exciting happened to me more than a month ago, and I never posted about it here.

I was invited to appear on the Shaw talk show entitled Fiona Forbes by the glorious Fiona Forbes herself. If you don’t know who Fiona is by name alone, you probably don’t live in Vancouver, because Fiona is one of our city’s most beloved personalities.

For years, Fiona (with sidekick, erm, co-host Michael Eckford) helmed Urban Rush, a popular chat-fest on Shaw. Fiona has conducted more than 30,000 (!!!!) interviews over her career, and now she’s finally headlining her own talker on Shaw, the aptly named Fiona Forbes.

In early July, I appeared – alongside Drex from CKNW, and Christopher Gaze from Bard on the Beach – on Fiona’s show as part of The Lowdown, a panel segment in which the news and events of the day are dished and discussed.

You can find the video here:

This is very much an example of me going far out of my comfort zone (I’m a writer, after all: someone who labours over each and every word before hitting “publish” or “send” or “submit”), but I had an incredible time, and it was a treat to observe Fiona in action. She’s remarkable.

Fiona’s show is on hiatus for the summer, but it shall return to Shaw in mid-September.

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